South America Heats Up. Cool places to go. – The Wanderlust, LLC

South America Heats Up. Cool places to go.

Iguazu Falls, South America

It is only a few more days to the Winter Solstice, the official start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

The shortest day of the year.

And the longest night.

And things are getting colder, and for many parts of the US, wetter (GO CALIFORNIA RAIN!).

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But .....

Have you stopped to consider that as we slide into the gloom and cold (a relative term see here vs. here) that is winter​, did you stop to think all that great summer weather had to go somewhere?

It did.

It went South.  And so should we all.  So in that spirit, let me share this article on 10 Most Beautiful Cities on South America.  Their choices definitely fit the spirit of The Wanderlust, LLC.  

After you read it, come back and leave a comment on what you think.​  Or better yet, tell us where you are going!

Wander well, my friend.​

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Iguazu Falls, South America