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5 Places in San Francisco NOT to See the Big Game

As I sit here at my JOB, I can see the planes coming into San Francisco International and Oakland International airports and the stream of cars heading over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco as the nation, and indeed much of the world, shifts its collective focus to the Big Game on Sunday (I can’t wait till all those people are trying to get to the actual game location some 60 miles away).

Now,  American Football is a spectacle sport. It is loud and violent and has cheerleaders (yeah!). And the league championship game is two whole weeks of spectacle before they even start the game. It is such a hoopla event, they even stop halfway through and put on a concert.

San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

But as an independent traveler, you probably want some time away from all that. Here are 5 out of the way experiences in the San Francisco area, as provided by the often amazing Atlas Obscura:

1. The Wave Organ

Located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay, the Wave Organ was built in 1986. In collaboration with the Exploratorium, artist Peter Richards built an acoustic sculpture that amplifies the sounds of the waves from the Bay.

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The Wave Organ, San Francisco, CA -- Not the Big Game

2. The Secret Sidewalk

The old Niles Canyon Aqueduct in the San Francisco Bay Area now acts as a bemusing and secret trail through nature for wayward travelers

The Secret Sidewalk, Hayward, CA - NOT The Big Game

3. The Stern of the Brigantine Gallilee

In the parking lot at Fort Mason, a huge ship's stern sits propped up against a retaining wall, without signage, held up by shims; the name GALILEE is barely discernable painted across the back. This mysterious and seemingly neglected bit of Bay Area history actually has an amazing story.

{Aergo Note:  Fort Mason is also the home to an excellent restaurant, Greens, that just happens to be vegetarian

The Stern of the Brigantine Gallilee - NOT The Big Game

4. Long Now Orrery

Inside the offices of the Long Now Foundation in San Francisco is a small museum dedicated to the art of long-term thinking. Surrounded by diagrams, molds, and assorted mechanical contraptions is the centerpiece, the orrery. Designed as part of the ambitious 10,000 year Clock of the Long Now project (a model of which is at the Science Museum in London), the orrery is a modern incarnation of a the planetary models that rose to popularity during the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

The Long Row Orrery - NOT The Big Game

5. The House of Days

As the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in San Francisco, wait five minutes and it will change." The House of Days backs this adage up with photographic proof.

The House of Days - NOT The Big Game

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